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Lower Mill Street Trail

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Lower Mill Street Trail, part of the Weaver Basin Trail System.
This trail is dry and a fascinating couple miles into the rustic landscape of Weaverville.
Surrounding the trail are mining pilings that have been used to create rock piles or cairns. It is fun to wander the trail and add to the existing sculptures or build one of your own.

Watch out for rattle snakes warming on the trail or in the rock piles.


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The Lower Mill Street Trail begins on Mill Street that intersects Main Street, Hwy. 299, in Weaverville. The trail winds behind residents into a craggy oak woodland and ends on Oregon Street, in Weaverville.
This is an enjoyable walk or mountain bike ride with rolling hills.

You will see evidence of wild animals, though rarely will they appear. Do watch out for rattle snakes warming themselves on the trail.

Download the cell phone app for the Weaver Basin Trail System so that you can follow your progress as you walk on the trails.

Note: there are many deer trail off-shoots from many of the trails. If you download the app, you can see your starting and ending points as well as where you are.


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