Fishing on the Trinity in Fall – Photo © Paul Kim (Courtesy Strawhouse Resort)

Welcome! Your Guide to Adventure, Explore, and Relax in Trinity County, California.

The pristine beauty of the sparkling alpine lakes, the rustic wilderness of the Trinity Alps, and the small town vibe inspire visitors to return to Trinity County, year after year…creating memories to last a lifetime.

Whether hiking along the trails of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, boating or fishing on Trinity Lake, Lewiston Lake, or Ruth Lake, or whitewater rafting down the Trinity River, outdoor recreation is endless! Historical sites abound throughout Trinity County, detailing the Gold Rush, Native American culture, Chinese immigrant history, as well as museums conveying the eclectic stories of these beloved communities. The art & culture scene is abundant— from galleries, to festivals, to live music events.

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Things To Do
There are so many things to do! Explore the following categories based on your interest: Arts & Culture, Hidden Gems, Explore History, Outdoor Adventures, Events, and Shopping & Antiques.


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Eat & Drink
Visit restaurants, bars, and breweries offering quality food and a chill atmosphere. You may also want to go out and explore a mountain winery or get cozy at a family-owned café.


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At the end of the day, you can camp out under the stars, rent a cabin, or check into a beautiful hotel or inn. You will find a comfortable place to rest up for more days of exploration.


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Trip Plans
If you would like more specific guidance on where to go for a day trip or multi-day trip during your visit, we have created mapped itineraries tailored to a variety of interests and areas to explore.


Travel to Trinity County, Map and Directions

We hope this website helps you find all that you’re looking for as you plan your next trip to Northern California and explore the stunning landscape and communities of Trinity County.

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